This is one of the best on-line courses I've ever taken. The tone is just right, and everything seems to be covered, in an orderly and understandable manner. The downloads are excellent, and the lessons very straight-forward. Having listened and read through the whole course, I'm now ready to begin sewing, and am looking forward to also incorporating other fabric techniques I'm familiar with, such as dyeing and printing, into future work. Thank you, Deborah, for all the effort put in to making this course so very good. Alison

Hi I just wanted to say hello and thank you! I have never taken an art, sewing, or quilt class. Having beencompletely self-taught has been fun BUT I am thrilled to have found you! Your style, manner, and expertise are perfect for me to learn new skills and enhance others! I am having so much fun learning from you! Suzanne

I'm new to free motion quilting and so pleased I enrolled on your course. I have watched the whole course, and enjoyed every minute of it, with your very clear and pleasant teaching method before I venture into drawing and sewing my first picture - Val

Thank you so much for a wonderful class! I do fiber art/art quilt pieces and have wanted to try different approaches to achieving a balanced, yet interesting piece. You have given me much food for thought and some new tools and techniques to experiment with. Thank you again for sharing your talent, your time and providing such clear and easily understandable hints, tips and techniques - Teresa

Hi again, Deborah! I'm so enjoying all of your classes. I've purchased all of them and I'm so glad I did. I'm learning so much! - CarolAnn

Love this class. I am inspired! - Shirley

I've just been through the course, so I know what to expect, and find it clear and easy to follow. The Lifetime access is so useful, as like many others, I have to fit the course around other things, and had it been access for a set time, I'd have found it difficult to complete. As it is, I'll be able to relax and make the most of the time I have to create and stitch. Looking forward to beginning - Alison

Hi Deborah, I've really enjoyed watching this series of videos and can't wait to get started - Mary

Hi Deborah, great course I am enjoying this very much.... - Andrea

Hi Deborah, I love this class. of course I jump around, because I am soo excited! - Margaret

What a wonderful course, I'm so pleased that I subscribed. Thank you for sharing your expertise and making the lessons so accessible and easy to follow. - Ann